Ran by a 19 year old female from the USA... This blog is just for your entertainment. You perv ;]

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Don't be afraid to send me an ask or submission. Sometimes I reply privately.


Sorry I haven’t posted in quite some time.

Life has been busy and it’s hard to run a blog sometimes!

But for tonight, I’m back.

I was greeted with tons of messages and a few nice pictures ;]

Send what you wish, kids! I’ll be replying to non-anon messages privately as often as I can.

Anonymous asked
whats your dirtiest, horniest fantasy? :)

Take my upstairs, pin me against the wall. Pull my clothes off, finger me, tease me, lick every inch of my body. Lie me down, eat me out until I’m shaking. Cum in your mouth. Fuck me any way possible. I don’t want you to stop until I say so.

Anonymous asked
How do you want us to send you the photo?

Yes, if you send a photo you can let me know whether or not you want it to be published. If it’s private, I answer privately. 

Anonymous asked
Your a babe!! was wonding you ever sent pics of your box?


Anonymous asked
You are incredibly sexy and if you were here right now I would grab you forcefully, kiss you passionately, rip your clothes off, push you onto the bed, eat you out until you cum, then while you're still dripping I would push you face down to the bed and fuck you from behind until we both cum hard together...

Mmmm, well now I’m wet.

Anonymous asked
where are you from beautiful?

The US ;]